I loved living in The Netherlands. Especially because of my friends over there, the creativity in the music scene and again — people.

I am writing this from my new/old residency in the greater Dresden area at the moment — the place I recently moved to. It’s countryside with many lakes, forests, fresh air and quietness. Kind of the opposite of the area I lived in for the last couple of years.

And …

… it feels so right!

I am free again. I am creative again. I am a starter again. I am a maker again. …

My Sites

It’s been The Streets’ Mike Skinner who had and still has an essential impact on my musical career from the early 2000 onwards. His storytelling and music has been one of the game changers in my life as a musician.

The last 5%

Interesting though, that last weekend while listening to Gilles Petersons BBC Radio 6 Music show [1], his insights found me again. This time, Jamz Supernova is sitting in for Gilles and has Mike calling in for an interview. I am sitting kind of banned in my chair and listening to a long-time-no-hear, but very familiar voice.

DJing has…

Or my way of becoming a starter again.

My Phoenix tale

I got fired. For the first time in my career life so far I got fired. It did not hit me completely by surprise since my boss and me have been talking about the team’s portfolio change for a while.

But wow…I got fired.

(Until now, it’s always been my own decision to leave and I wasn’t planning to leave yet. I was committed to help the people in this company for some more years. But hey.)

I am an optimist I have to say.

This time, I need to say it…

I just recently found a better resonating life purpose statement:

I am the superheroine who breaks walls.

Long story how I got there, but I am interested what kind of walls are these walls I am breaking? So, I decided to start this little self-retrospection here — a little ‘Game with Self.’

Let’s go.

1. List your walls

Q: Where in my life did or do walls play an important role?

Here are the walls which influenced/are influencing my life and personality so far:

  • The Berlin Wall (and the Inner German boarder) had a big impact on my in my first 7 years of…

And the perception to see instead of wanting to be seen.

It’s Spring 2020. I am sitting right next to the window and watch the canal, the boats and the empty streets in front of my house taking a sun bath. It’s quiet around me, but doubts insight myself. The world is in lock-down and my inner me feels restless. Why? How? Ups and downs are hitting me every day, since my job as a team and personal coach came to a massive pause and the income from being a musician too. My head has suddenly a lot of time…

In 2004, Blizzard Entertainment [1] released one of the most influencing role-play games of all times so far — World of Warcraft (WoW). A multi-player role-play game I got introduced to by my brother. Thank you. :)

R.I.P. 9 to 5

I am a night owl (at least in the life period I am in right now as I’ve learned chronotypes can shift through life). [2]

Which means that working with morning teams always is a challenge for me. I try to cover it by joking — ‘no coaching requests before 12 or bring a big cup of coffee’ — and luckily most of the teams I work with accept the sleepy me in the morning. But I’ve always asked myself: why do I need to get up that early? Obviously it is my job and earns money, but why that…

Since my previous article within this series [1], I am thinking through the Why Agile in Marketing even more. In my other article series Millennial Organisational Concepts I write about new concepts for organisations and for this article I see a blend coming along — there is no future for the software developer or marketeer anymore.

What will we do in the future? Will software developers still exist in the future? Or are we all just marketeers? Or even smarketeers (sales & marketing)?

I state: neither both of those labels will exist anymore. Why? Because we will all be one.

It happend at the #Scrum2017 event, somewhere between Leiden en Amsterdam in The Netherlands. My teammate Rosanne and me were giving a workshop about Agile Marketing and it was a really tough one. People has been very critica

This inspired me to write down what it’s been about.

The most present question was this one:

“What makes marketing Agile marketing?”

The answer we gave: The same that makes IT Agile IT or HR Agile HR — a need to change. A need to become a more responsive team or even a more responsive organisation. …

Are you a marketeer or a software developer? If your are doubting, then you probably are on the right track already. Because, I state that one cannot and should not distinquish between the two of them anymore.

Since some years now, as an agile coach and change enabler, I gain insights in diverse startups and smaller companies as well as in startup and innovation movements of the corporate world — new technologie as well as new approaches being developed out of it.

In my work, I am delighted to be able to experiment with different approaches like concepts of marketing…

Annika Wetzko

Break your walls and fly. Start meeting your real Self. annikawetzko.com

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