Unstucking by Seeing.

I loved living in The Netherlands. Especially because of my friends over there, the creativity in the music scene and again — people.

I am writing this from my new/old residency in the greater Dresden area at the moment — the place I recently moved to. It’s countryside with many lakes, forests, fresh air and quietness. Kind of the opposite of the area I lived in for the last couple of years.

And …

… it feels so right!

I am free again. I am creative again. I am a starter again. I am a maker again. I am whole again.

I am following more than one ‘career’ path — again.

And this feels just great.

This is why I became an artist and a coach, because we human beings have more than one talents we can make a living from. Only sometimes, we don’t see them. Supporting and inspiring others in moving (I even call it dancing) again is what drives me in my doings.

Sometime, we find ourselves stuck in boundaries which we maybe created by ourselves. At least, I did so it seems.

Spoiler alert: finding myself as a part of today’s corporate world were my boundaries I was stuck in.

The Door

Now I know, the fear is not something to just get rid of, it’s a — door.

A door to the new which is emerging.

Where is the key though?

And what is the key?

The Key

All started with my courage to slow down and my will to open up and start seeing. In retrospect, I can say this was my way to find — see — the key. ‘Simple’ as that.

I was so blinded by the fastness and overload of information and stuff to do, being productive, performing highest, thriving to become better or even best etc. etc. And for what? A boss? A company?

Sounds familiar?

Most traditional corporate organisations aim for profit growth and making the owners richer and richer.

Not my cup of tea!

I am not on this planet to thrive for profit goals. I am building towards a purpose.

(And this system needs more purpose too. I am not talking about goals like growth!!! See [1] for possible solutions.)


It is very interesting to find a secret door opened up. I payed attention to something which was there all the time, but what I couldn’t see before. Attention is key.

Attention means both — noticing and caring [2] — especially ourselves, this beauty of a planet and others around us.

Sometimes it seems it needs big disruptions in live to help us see and act. Even though we may see, acting needs courage. Would you go through a door not knowing what´s waiting on the other side? Would you go through a door when you would know what´s waiting on the other side?

No rush.

Read the next lines and then close your eyes and let’s pay attention together.

Let’s picture the door first.

What kind of door is it?

What material is it?

What is that telling you?

And let’s imaging your key would have been a key you can hold in your hand next.

What kind of key is it?

In which hand are you holding it?

Is it style-wise matching the door or not?

What is that telling you about your presence and your future?

Go closer to the door now.

Touch it and feel it. Take your time…

How does it feel?

How does is smell?

What sound does it make moving it?

What is holding the door?

Take a little step to the other side now and turn around to still picture the door.

What do you notice?

What is it your eyes are caring about?

What is your heart telling you right now?

If you feel comfortable, please turn around no and face the unknown.

What is around you and where?

Take your time…

Pay attention.

And enjoy the first step you took through the door to the new.

Attention is not about rushing you to take more steps.

Just enjoy where you are at the moment.


[2] https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/attention

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